Slumdog Millionaire most successful movie in UK

'Slumdog Millionaire' the Mumbai based potboiler about a street urchin's struggle to find true love has become UK's most successful movie of 2009.

The multiple Oscar winning film which took in 32 million pounds on the box office emerged on top of a list of 2009 superhits compiled by the Cinema Advertising Association, reported Mirror online.

Cinemas in the country are enjoying a seven-year high in ticket sales during the recession and the feel-good entertainer directed by Danny Boyle scored well with the audiences.

"It's terrific to see the success of the film continuing throughout 2009. Even when money is tight, it seems we are still dedicated to cinema," said Anna Cremin, CAA spokesperson.

Other big hits include sci-fi blockbuster, 'Monsters Vs Aliens, 'Star Trek' and the latest 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' which took in 4.7million pounds on its opening night last week.


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