Twitter buys location tracking entity Mixer Labs

Famed micro-blogging site Twitter has acquired location tracking firm Mixer Labs for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition would help the site to enhance the "contextual" relevance of location to tweets – messages posted on the site which can have a maximum of 140 characters.

In a blog on Wednesday, Twitter said it has bought Mixer Labs without disclosing the financial details.

Mixer Labs is the creator of GeoAPI, a comprehensive service for helping developers build geolocation-aware applications.

"... (Mixer Labs) they're part of Twitter and will be working to combine the contextual relevance of location to tweets," the blog noted.

Both entities would together develop features to make the micro-blogging site more interesting and "relevant to daily life", irrespective of one's location.

"As a dramatic example, twittering 'Earthquake!' alone is not as informative as 'Earthquake!' coupled with your current location," the blog said.

A popular site for social networking, Twitter is estimated to have more than 50 million users across the world.


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