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Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT) has updated Quest® ActiveRoles? Server, its management, provisioning and security platform, which includes elevated requests and approval workflow to better manage accountability and responsibility of directory changes. ActiveRoles is a central component of Quest® One Identity Solution, which provides heterogeneous identity and access management capabilities.
ActiveRoles Server now includes an integrated graphical workflow to model business processes such as changes to identity information or access requests. In addition, group/role deprovisioning now has the ability to lock down specific groups/roles permanently or temporarily as a remediation response to compliance or security events. 
Plug-in administration policies and a Windows PowerShell scripting host are also included. ActiveRoles Server complements traditional provisioning solutions with its day-to-day directory management and broad range of automation options.

Quest ActiveRoles Self-Service Manager
ActiveRoles Self-Service Manager is an optional add-on to ActiveRoles Server. It permits knowledge workers to self-manage groups and Exchange distribution lists in Active Directory, allowing them to easily request access to a resource or group. The compliance responsibility falls upon these resource/group owners to grant or reject access, and they are required to periodically review and certify that their groups and group memberships are current and up to date. These new capabilities help ease the burdens of the help desk and other IT departments.

Quest ActiveRoles Quick Connect
Out of the box, ActiveRoles Server can provision and manage Active Directory, AD LDS, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Communication Server, BlackBerry, and Google Postini. ActiveRoles Quick Connect is an optional add-on to ActiveRoles Server that provides cross-platform provisioning and deprovisioning for automated identity and access synchronization. This feature cuts costs by eliminating effort, and reduces errors through automation. The newest platforms supported include Lotus Notes and Online Services (Google Apps).
Customers want to know they have a secure, integrated and extensible solution for day-to-day management, automated provisioning and end-user self-service,? said Jackson Shaw, senior director of product management, Quest Software. ?ActiveRoles provides that solution with the right pieces to fit each unique environment so that compliance and security requirements are met. It also ensures that individuals have access to the correct entitlements, and provides increased control and efficiency.?

Availability and Pricing
Version 6.5 of Quest ActiveRoles Server is available now, with North American pricing beginning at $25 per enabled user (USD). Version 2.0 of Quest ActiveRoles Self-Service Manager is available now, with North American pricing beginning at $10 per enabled user (USD). Quest ActiveRoles Quick Connect for Base Systems, Mainframes, Lotus Notes and Online Services is available now, with North American pricing beginning at $10 per enabled user (USD). More information on ActiveRoles can be found at


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