Install and run Ubuntu without disturbing Windows

Want to take Linux for a spin? Forget partitions, dual-boot setups and live CDs: The new Ubuntu Windows installer lets you run the Linux distro while keeping the rest of your system intact. In other words, it's like a live CD without the CD. Just run the installer, which in turn downloads a disk image of Ubuntu.

The Windows-based Ubuntu Installer has been renamed to Wubi, and the core backend has been named Lupin. The Linux version is named Lubi, and the tool to upgrade loopmounted installations to full installs is named LVPM.

(Outdated) Original Development Thread:

(Outdated) Original Windows-based Ubuntu Installer Site

(New) Wubi Site:

Lubi/LVPM/UNetbootin/Bubakup Site:


Source Code

The Bubakup source code is at

For More Details Visit:


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